Monday, April 12, 2010

Zanzibar met a man and a woman arguing...

Pic by Gemma Wiseman

On one of his many travels, Zanzibar met a man and a woman arguing.
Zanzibar walked up and smiled, and, with his flamboyant style, presented himself in front of the two.

Being known far and wide has its advantages. The two stopped arguing, and proceeded to request Zanzibar's help. Zanzibar was known far and wide for his help in solving problems - sometimes, in unusual ways! But that was expected, because Zanzibar was an unusual wizard.

The man and woman explained how the village by the ocean was a despicable place. The people dressed funny, spoke funny, and were dull.
We were just "discussing" what town to go to now.

Zanzibar smiled and said, "Come with me."

He took them through the pretty town to the ocean.
He set them down on the crest of a cliff overlooking the ocean.
Their emotions were suspended in the magnitude of the view.
Then Zanzibar began to speak.
"The ocean is alive. You can feel and see it. It's force is terrifying, while at the same time enchanting. You can see each individual wave. Each is different, unique; colours cascading into one another, until they meld with the body of the ocean."

With this, Zanzibar jumped up and grabbed the two.

"If I were to toss the two of you off the cliff into the ocean below, you would enter and become one with the waves; still individuals, but part of the waves.
If you could not adapt, you would sink and drown in the main body of the ocean.
In no way does it matter to the ocean if you sink or swim.
It really only matters to you to adapt to present circumstances, if you are wanting happiness.
Just to want happiness is not to know happiness."

With that, he tossed both into the ocean...
And walked away smiling...

Moral 1: Sink or swim
Moral 2: Happiness is learning to know happiness anywhere
Moral 3: Birds fly. Why the hell can't I?

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